Fiat Justitia Ruat Coelum!

    This famous Latin phrase which translates as “Let justice be done, though the heavens fall” seemed to be Mr. Amir Syamsudin’s main inspiration when he decided to start this law offices in 1984.

    Since the early years of its formation the law offices of Amir Syamsudin and Partners has been involved in a various areas of litigation and has recorded a series of successes in handling complex domestic and international cases. The client database is also diverse, ranging from the famous to simple individuals from ordinary backgrounds. This broad portfolio of clients has broadened the lawyers’ horizons and equipped them with the knowledge and expertise needed for challenging cases.

    However ‘lessons in life’ needs to be complimented by formal education and training and this is one of additional values, which has propelled this firm into its leading position. From time to time Amir Syamsudin and Partners compels its lawyers to update themselves with latest legal developments through formal and semi-formal programs. In turn clients reap the benefit as they deal with well-informed lawyers.

    Responding to recent trends in the practice of law, an office specializing in intellectual property advice and registration was formed in 1999; Acemark, is now part of the strategic alliance which forms the law offices of Amir Syamsudin and Partners. In 2003, Acemark became part of the Big 5 of firms specializing in intellectual property.